Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Today Mide and myself went to my sister-in-law's farm just outside Trim in Co. Meath where Niamh grows a wonderful selection of organic veg and fruit. She also has the rare breed Jacob sheep complete with jelly legged lambs, three mighty pigs and several chickens. We'd a wonderful morning choosing vegetables to plant in our patch back in Monaghan and came away with broad beans, purple spouting broccoli, peas, beetroot, leeks, garlic, red onions, courgettes and spring onions. Mide had a great time in the rhubarb patch and helped to pull an almighty armful which I later converted into rhubarb crumble. Thank you Niamh for all your kindness and advice! All this activity is because our lovely neighbour Mark has very kindly offered us a part share in his (already dug, thankfully!) vegetable patch and so long as we don't outdo him on the carrot front we are pretty much free to plant what we like. So just as soon as the veg are acclimatised to Co. Monaghan temperatures we will get to it!
Mide and his large armful of rhubarb!
Niamh, Mide and lamb


  1. Loving it so far, dying to see some of your craft creations up there!!! Life is so idyllic in Co. Monaghan!

    1. Thanks so much! Life is pretty good in Monaghan- as well you know! Keep following...