Sunday, 29 April 2012

Have got a couple of spare minutes (am about to make pancakes which is a totally brilliant bribe as in "I'm gonna make pancakes (lots of whooping and cheering from the boys), but.... they take a LONG time to make so why don't you guys do something for oh, about an hour, and I'll call you when they're ready...") Anyway things are getting a bit busy on the craft front because I'm going to take a stall/table/corner at the Rossnaree Spring Vintage Fair and I am just a bit excited!! Check out Rossnaree here I took the boys last year and it really was a very special day out- there was a fab bakery The Brown Hound from Drogheda selling the most amazing cakes (more of that to come cos Mide and I took a little trip over to have a peek and now I really want to live there). There were oysters and champagne and pony rides and an open air wood burning pizza oven as well as all the stalls selling vintage pieces. All this happens in a really magical setting overlooking Newgrange Monument on a bend in the river Boyne. I will be selling my lino-cut collages printed onto a 1940s cookbook (Come into the garden, Cook by Constance Spry) and vintage bunting made from children's science and nature books from the 70s. It's on Sunday 13th May so if you are in the Slane, Navan, Drogheda area do come and check it out! So now it's all action stations as I have to make lots to sell... here's a few pics- not very good I fear- photography not a strong point...

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