Wednesday, 8 March 2017


There are signs of Spring for sure. Today has been the warmest yet. Blue skies and none of the damp grey drizzle that had seemed to settle so firmly over the hills. Hellebores, crocuses and the dwarf tulips are out and the daffodils aren't too far behind. The wild garlic is doing well and we're already looking forward to making pesto with it. However March being March means that the fires are still lit everyday and the wood pile must be tended to as there's still that chance of frost and winter weather. Today though we are in Spring, and glad of it.


  1. Have you planted wild garlic or does it just grow wild? We have none of it, must look into getting some.

  2. I think it hitched a ride into our garden from Bective where it grew in great abundance along the avenue. We've only a small patch but enough for our needs - will dig you some next time you're here! Cxx