Thursday, 1 September 2016

light, dark

Rooftops caught in evening light. Last week we ate out at our favourite local restaurant after a difficult day (autism is a tough task master). And, just for a few minutes, the sun gilds the chimney pots and weather vane of the town and from our vantage point we get to enjoy it.
Sunrise. I am out walking early. This time of the morning brings me peace. Just the dogs and birds for company. I love the contrast between light and shadow. Bright, dark. Good days, not-so-good days. All parts of the same story.
Parenting is a tough gig. The difficult times are there when you wake and when you go to sleep. Likewise the good times, it has to be said, but they are the easy days. It's the hard days that make you wonder at yourself and I wish, wish, WISH I hadn't lost the instruction booklet that tells you how to do it properly.

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