Monday, 7 March 2016

great outdoors

Now that the Spring has finally, finally arrived it's time to get outdoors a bit more often. I'll be the first to admit the great outdoors is not my natural choice of habitat. I'm more of the great indoors persuasion. However when it comes to children there is nothing better than fresh air and a run around to sort out all kinds of things. And actually the same can be true for the grown-ups too! This morning the postman delivered '101 things for kids to do outside' by Dawn Isaac. From staging an open-air play or building a bird hide to constructing a water wall and flying homemade kites there are lots of ideas to make the most of Spring sunshine. I also bought 'Dirty Teaching: a beginner's guide to learning outdoors' by Juliet Robinson. Written to encourage teachers to bring school children outside I chose this one as we'd recently had a note home from the boys' school about children not being allowed to play on the grass which surrounds their playground...oh dear, don't get me started on that!

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