Monday, 10 August 2015


Lately around here summer doesn't know if it's staying or leaving. My morning walks have either been wet and misty with a definite autumnal damp hanging in the air or dry and sunny with the coquettish promise of a good day. To be honest I'm happy with either. On the nicer days we have grabbed the chance to eat outside and Hugo and William camped in the garden with their friends ~ complete with tents and sleeping-bags, a noisy forage into the woods for dry sticks for their campfire, sausages and beans, toasted marshmallows and ghost stories and er, dogs and Nerf guns for 'protection' (from what, I wondered, the rain?)

But we've had more of the wet/cold days, ones which speak of changing seasons and warmer clothes and evenings drawing in and all that September brings. But before we hatch down and think autumnal thoughts we have a trip to the sea to look forward to, last few precious days together before Hugo goes away to school and another chapter in our lives begins.

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