Thursday, 9 April 2015

just the two of us

Yesterday evening, with the warmth of the sun still on our faces Mide and I took a stroll to the lake. It was just the two of us and the dogs. He chatted happily as we walked along the road and having no other distractions meant I could listen and give him my full attention, rare enough in our busy family. We climbed down the steps and walked across the field to the water."Mind the cow pats," he laughed and off he ran between the gorse bushes. At the lake side I sat on a rock and he found a stick to dig through the mud. Then he threw stones into the lake, laughing with each splash. The dogs jumped into the water with gusto, chasing these imaginary fish, much to Mide's delight. "I love doing this!" he said. It was hard to leave but the sky had changed, the air was cooling and it really was time to go. We walked home, his muddy stick still in his hand. He jumped on my shadow, saying "got you!" and shrieked when I stood on his. He stopped often, delaying, watching ants and wanting to step on every stone along the road. I remembered to let him, not to rush him, to enjoy and embrace this time together. Just the two of us.

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