Tuesday, 23 September 2014

days like this

Last weekend we headed to the west coast of Ireland. It was one of those blissful September days with such welcome sunshine, all the more so as the days shorten and autumn creeps along. We made our way to the nearest beach. The tide was out and the rippling sands glistened as we walked and paddled in rock pools. The boys did their best to catch minute, black darting fish trapped in the warm puddles and we wished we had brought swimming costumes as the water looked so inviting and still. Even the small fishing boat puttering up the estuary towards Killala barely broke the peace.  It was blissful to feel the sun on our skin and to be in the company of loved ones (who looked after us so well) and to come home feeling refreshed and lucky indeed.


  1. Great pics CB, so glad the sun shone!

  2. Yes! Weren't we lucky! Thanks again for everything xxx