Thursday, 6 February 2014

just because

William George Gillies
Still Life with Christmas Paper

GLAHA 43865: 'Winter Dusk' 1961-3 - click to view larger image

Just because it's February and things are still a bit grey and blustery it doesn't mean we can't have something a little floral, a little Spring like, a little colourful to remind ourselves that the gloom will pass, eventually. Actually in the garden some bulbs are already peeking through the soil and the snowdrops are out so it's not all a lost cause and today there is sunshine enough to hang some winter woollens outside to dry.

The lovely paintings are by Scottish painter William George Gillies, and I for one wouldn't mind that white cottage by the sea with flowers filling every vase, pot and jug to ease those winter blues.
William George Gillies - White House On The Coast

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