Tuesday, 5 November 2013

You know it's November when...

 ...when the stove needs cleaning almost daily. I don't mind this slightly messy job at all, in fact I love the stove so much I feel happy to rake and sweep away the wood ash-it means the fire will continue to burn bright and warm.
 ...when the wellies start to migrate into the kitchen. Wellies and umbrellas. And coats.
 ...when we fill an empty shoe box full of little Christmas treats and some practical things for Team Hope. The boys usually bring home their shoebox appeal leaflet from Scouts in early November and the boxes get shipped to children in eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Africa.

 ...when the autumn leaves start to gather at the back door and we begin the epic battle of Leaves vs. Rake
 ...when the garden is sodden and faded but the sedum lives on with its gorgeous colour
...when the ferns are still there, buffeted by the wind, long after the hostas in the pots in front of them are gone
 ...when thoughts turn to yummy things like the potato, bacon, onion and sage dish I cooked the other night. Oh my, it was so good and so quick to do. I think it's going to feature on our Christmas lunch menu.

 ...when you turn to lovely, simple honest cookbooks for inspiration. None of the twaddle, just proper food.
...when your son has his seventh birthday. Oh that beautiful boy- how he is growing up and how my heart breaks to realise it.

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