Saturday, 10 August 2013


To be honest there is nothing like a good picnic in a graveyard on a sunny summer's day to keep you connected to what's important. We had chosen a small reilig not far from home with some interesting gravestones as we wanted to show the boys how to do crayon rubbings. The churchyard was quiet with barely a whispering breeze and the land stretched out peaceful in the sunshine. We found a spot in the shade and spread our picnic lunch on the rug and ate with only birdsong and buzzing insects for company. Then it was time to explore and find some suitable engravings to rub over. The boys ran off with sheets of paper and crayons and soon there were cries of 'look at this one' and 'how old is this?' and 'skulls and crossbones' and they were soon fully engrossed with placing their paper and carefully holding it down and rubbing over the image or writing they wanted. And then galloping legs off the to next gravestone and another picture emerged from under lichen and moss. I liked to think that all those dearly held people would have liked our fleeting company as we visited them in turn to look upon their markers and think a little of them. Appreciate the present as nothing lasts forever.

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  1. If they liked that they'll love Moyne and Rosserk abbeys near us. Come and visit soon (and bring that sunshine with you!).