Thursday, 20 June 2013

out and about

I suppose there can sometimes be an element of 'familiarity breeds contempt' in all our lives. Certainly living in Ireland we are surrounded by all sorts of special features in our immediate landscape, making them common-place, comfortable and consequently, perhaps, not-much-thought-of. We went to Monasterboice monastery founded in the 6th Century to look at the high crosses and round tower which date from the 10th Century. We showed the boys the crosses deeply carved shafts depicting biblical stories and also their wonderful swirling abstract designs. They ran about, perhaps not caring too much about anything except the sun on their faces, while we marvelled at what has gone before us in this land of ours.

I loved the beautifully engraved late 18th century grave stones, full of plump cherubic faces with fanned wings and curly mops of hair and elegant lichen flecked angels blowing long trumpets. Here also are reminders of time passing in the hourglass...use it wisely!

We then took a windswept walk along the beach where we all gathered shells and pebbles and watched the antics of swooping seagulls and sandpipers dashing out of the waves reach. It was lovely to walk on that sandy expanse listening to the crash of water on land and to watch their carefree souls finding joy in the world. 

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