Sunday, 5 May 2013

in the garden

As we step that little bit closer to summer there is finally a little colour in the garden. I think my favourite at the minute are the elegant stems of Solomon's Seal- I love its nodding bell-like flowers. The boys are spending an ever increasing amount of time in the garden. Their bikes and go-carts are left out on the grass, scattered reminders of childhood and all its innocence. We added another swing to the mix (from Ikea). No game consoles, no Playstation, no Wii, no iPad. Just outdoors, dogs, bikes, wellies, mud, stones to make cavemen fires, swings, rope ladders. I am not saying it's all laughter and fun but it is childhood. A proper one, without the pressures of trying to fit into an adult world.


  1. I like that swing, it looks like fun! I also like your purple flowers and your garden in general looks good. Our 'garden' is mostly mud at the minute. The hens seem to like it though.

  2. Love the swing!!!! Won't be showing it to Emily cos she'll be so envious. Gill xxxx

  3. This swing is a huge success as they're all able to fit on it together! They were very cross to be forcibly removed from it at bed time last night...